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    Leveraging more than a decade of professional experience in journalism and communications, Jaclyn Schiff provides content and marketing consulting services for startups, membership organizations, and entrepreneurs. She has been published on NPR, The Huffington Post, NBC News, AllAfrica.com, PBS, Lifehack, Thought Catalog, The Penny Hoarder, Your Tango, and more.


    Previously, her work focused on healthcare -- in the United States and abroad. Schiff worked in the newsroom at Kaiser Health News in Washington, DC, and oversaw programming for healthcare industry executives at Modern Healthcare magazine, a publication of Crain Communications, based in Chicago.


    She served as communications director for the American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, a professional association for the world's leading infectious disease researchers. She was selected as a fellow by the International Reporting Project and traveled to Zambia to examine HIV, malaria and tuberculosis programs in the country.


    Combining a passion for international development and entrepreneurship, she founded Pangea Productions Inc., and produced The Huddle for Global Change, a virtual professional development program.

    By the way...

    I use my given name, Jaclyn (way more official sounding), for bylines and business cards. But I prefer friends and colleagues call me Jacci (yes weird spelling, pronounced like Jackie).

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    One of my earliest memories is of desperately trying to author a book around age 7 when I was just learning how to write. I remember sitting in my room with the paper in front of me, forming the letters and getting frustrated that I couldn't get my thoughts on paper quickly enough. I don't remember what story I was trying to tell, but I do remember promising myself that I'd tell it one day.


    The desire to share ideas and stories is a fundamental part of who I am -- I can't not do it. I am most inspired when I hear a fresh take, get a glimpse of how someone else really sees the world, or learn something that enables me to better make sense of life -- the deep questions as well as the everyday stuff.


    Some people fall deeply in love with one subject area and pursue it relentlessly. "Follow your passion" is popular career advice, but that's never really resonated with me -- not because I don't have passions, but because there isn't just one thing that fascinates me more than anything else. I like to keep learning, and I'm constantly uncovering areas I'd like to know more about. That's why I suggest paying attention to what motivates you rather than defining a single "passion."


    With the pursuit of ideas as my deepest motivator, I'm driven to keep my finger on the pulse of how the world is changing. I'm quick to spot trends Looking back, this drive first led me to Washington, D.C. as a college student. Instead of heading off to a secluded campus, I couldn't wait to get a front row seat to the world of politics, policy, and journalism.


    Professionally, the pursuit of ideas quickly drew me to global health. Millions of people die each year from preventable diseases -- I wanted to know why and how it can be stopped. I've spent a large part of my career investigating and creating awareness of what works (vaccines!) and what still needs solving (incidentally, also vaccines).


    Along the way, I've been drawn to innovators who try to solve problems in creative, new ways. Startups have naturally been appealing. I've worked with some and created my own to test new approaches. Over the years, I've developed an appreciation for how tough it can be to start something completely from scratch. But I've also learned there is much to gain from the journey.


    Writing is a way that I've consistently shared ideas over the last 12+ years. Usually the ideas come from really smart people, but sometimes inspiration will flower, and I'll offer my own perspective. I've been attracted to the energy that arises when you convene the right group and provide a platform for superior ideas. I've produced content for several events. My goal is always to get attendees to think big and help them connect the dots in unusual ways.


    Colleagues, friends, and associates often seek me out for brainstorming. I absolutely love to be fully engaged in a good mental sparring match with the ideas flying and evolving quickly. Some of these sessions don't produce tangible results (not all ideas are good ones and I am discerning), but many do, and of course, it's extremely exciting to see an idea actually become a thing in the world whether it's an article, event, professional service, or something else.


    That's my jam -- fresh ideas that I can spread or enable in a variety of ways to help others inform, inspire, or improve. It's why I do what I do.

  • Additional Information

    Other projects and interests.

    The Huddle for Global Change

    • The Huddle is a virtual conference for people to connect with emerging and established global development thinkers and practitioners.
    • I produced three Huddles for more than 200 participants from various countries, including: Malaysia, Ethiopia, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
    • Here is an explanation of why I created the Huddle.
    • The Huddle is a very collaborative program that has benefited from the support of many partners, including: Meridian International Center, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, Diplomatic Courier, This Week in Global Health, Devex, StartSomeGood, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, +SocialGood, Global Dispatches, GlobeMed, Social Good Moms, Wanderful, ThinkImpact, Net Impact (Chicago), WhyDev, United Nations Association, Two Dollar Challenge, TheSedge.org, MovingWorlds, and Humanosphere. 


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